Campaign News:

Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition, Indivisible Edmonds, and Sierra Club Meet and Greet.

“Local community organizer and longtime volunteer Laura Johnson announced Thursday that she is a candidate for Edmonds City Council Position 7.”

“Laura Johnson may be new to running for office, but don’t call her a political newcomer. Johnson, who kicked off her campaign Sunday afternoon for Edmonds City Council, is no stranger to local issues. She has been a strong voice in the community for many years on topics including the environment, immigrant rights, social justice, gun safety legislation and governmental transparency.”


Human and Environmental Health Advocacy:

“ I believe that public safety is the most important role of government, My position is that we need to invest more of our infrastructure dollars in the Highway 99 corridor- and work to decrease injuries and deaths that are already documented- and look for a less costly, less invasive, more environmentally friendly option to provide emergency access to our waterfront.

“The Edmonds City Council took an unbiased look at the whole picture, weighed all of the available options and potential for harm, and ultimately chose precautionary measures to protect human and environmental health,” said Edmonds parent Laura Johnson, who has been leading the effort for the citywide ban. By imposing the 18-month ban, councilmembers “have also chosen to lead by example,” she added.


Public Safety Advocacy:

You currently have superior service, with a 64 percent heart attack survival rate — one of the highest in the nation,” said Edmonds resident Laura Johnson. “Why would you risk that?”

Laura Johnson, of Edmonds, said her oldest child was born one year after the shooting at Columbine. Her son was in first grade when the shooting in Sandy Hook killed 20 first graders and six teachers.

“When I talked to him after Parkland (one month ago), he was sad, but not surprised,” Johnson said. “He has never known a reality where school shootings were not a regular occurrence.”

During the public comment period prior to the vote, Edmonds resident Laura Johnson pointed to councilmembers’ comments during several past meetings about the need to reduce gun violence.

“You were elected to legislate on our behalf,” Johnson said. “So if you leave addressing gun violence to the people, or if you choose not to vote or if you delay out of fear, then you have chosen not to represent and protect us, and for your complacency and your inaction you are by default supporting the gun lobby.”


Raising Civically Engaged Kids:

Her daughter Sierra Johnson, a senior at Edmonds Heights, also spoke to the board, saying how she has aspirations of becoming a teacher. “I hope that by the time I am a teacher, with my first classroom of students, that I have more reassurances than today’s teachers have,” she said. “Kids are now leading this movement not because we want to, but because we have to. Our lives depend on it.”

“When 11-year-old Cade Johnson saw the devastation being visited on Texas by Hurricane Harvey, he knew he had to do something. “We’re lucky in the Northwest to not have big storms like this,” he said. “But these people are losing their homes, their belongings and some even their lives. I couldn’t just stand by and not do anything.”

So Cade started clicking around on the internet looking for ways he could help.”

“Do you know what it is like to enter school the day after yet another deadly school shooting? I do. I am a 15-year-old high school sophomore, and I am part of the "mass-shooting generation." Gun violence is a huge part of my generation and I have never known going to school without lock-down or active-shooter drills.”


Endorsement News:

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