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Growing a Resilient Local Economy

Looking to our future as a city, we need an intentional and inclusive plan that helps us retain our unique character, as well as allows for targeted growth. Every single voice should be included in this process

 I am committed to:

  • Enhancing the livability and economic vitality of the Highway 99 corridor by improving safety and promoting transit-accessible housing.
  • Supporting businesses in the downtown district by solving our parking issues and preserving the historic small-town charm.
  • Engaging the community in carefully planned growth management, keeping in mind the unique character and needs of each of our neighborhoods

Leading on Environmental Stewardship:

As a mom, I feel a deep responsibility to take care of our planet for our children, and for the generations to come. The health of our waterfront, marsh, and streams is vital to a healthy Edmonds and we must protect them. Let’s lead with increasing our renewable energy investments.

I am committed to:

  • Protecting and restoring our waterfront, marsh, streams, parks, and open spaces.  
  • Growing our sustainable practices to further reduce carbon emissions.
  • Expanding our green infrastructure to include treating storm-water at its source.

Promoting Public Safety:

We need to invest more thoughtfully in infrastructure near the Highway 99 corridor to decrease traffic accidents. I’ll work with our first responders to ensure they are properly staffed, equipped and trained. I’m also committed to continuing to advocate against gun violence by ensuring enforcement of current regulations and working with our community partners on educational outreach. 

I am committed to:

  • Supporting our first responders. 
  • Expanding sidewalks and increasing traffic calming measures to reduce traffic accidents, improve pedestrian safety, and increase neighborhood walkability.
  • Enforcing our gun safety laws, and joining our community partners to increase outreach on gun-safety and suicide prevention.


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